Get Ready for Your Health Care ‘Re-Education’

Paul Hsieh, MD writes:

… rather than acknowledging that their health care plan [Hr 3590]  is fundamentally flawed, the Obama administration is trying to pretend that the problem is merely one of bad public relations. Hence, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius has stated that “we have a lot of re-education to do.”

This Orwellian re-education program has now begun, directed against three major targets: the voting public, doctors and patients, and health insurance companies. …

In effect, the government is saying: “Let’s pretend we never said ObamaCare would lower costs — even though that’s how we sold it to the public.” “Let’s push patients into restrictive health plans — and call it a ‘medical home.’” “Let’s label it ‘misinformation’ when insurers tell the truth about how our laws raise their costs — and then punish them if they complain about it.” And as the problems of ObamaCare deepen, we can expect such “re-education” efforts to intensify.

Fortunately, we can stop this. Last spring, when Obama demanded that Congress pass his health care bill he said that if Americans didn’t like it, “then that’s what elections are for.”

Read the whole article at Pajamas Media: Get Ready for Your Health Care ‘Re-Education’.

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