Colorado SB 11-200: Feds will control the insurance exchange

For those on the fence about whether Colorado SB 11-200 is a good idea, check out that latest from Twila Brase at the Citizens Council for Health Freedom, a policy brief on government-run health insurance exchanges.   Key points:

  • All State-established American Health Benefit Exchanges are federal Exchanges that must comply with the requirements of the federal health care reform law of 2010 (“Obamacare”).
  • State-established Exchanges may not write rules that conflict with or prevent implementation of federal rules issued by HHS under the law.
  • The Federal government (HHS) has authority to require “any measure or procedure” to be undertaken by an Exchange.
  • The Exchange will engage in “police” functions, sending names and tax ID numbers to the IRS to impose penalties on those who are not insured.
  • The Exchange will expand government dependency using tax credits and expanded Medicaid enrollment. To compel compliance, credits are available only if State establishes Exchange.

Read the whole article: State Health Insurance Exchang Will Impose Federal Control.

(Via Linda Gorman.)

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