Free Market Lessons from Contraception Fight

Paul Hsieh, MD writes:

The Obama administration’s decision to require religious-based employers to include birth control coverage in their employee health plans has spawned a heated debate. …

The controversy has also made apparent three lessons about America’s current health care system and why we need free-market health care reforms.

1) Health insurance should be uncoupled from employment.
2) Mandated benefits will become political footballs.
3) We must fight for freedom as a principle.
As George Will noted:

The Catholic Bishops, it serves them right. They’re the ones who were really hot for Obamacare, with a few exceptions. But they were all in favor of this. And this is what it looks like when the government decides it’s going to make your health care choices for you.

Read the whole article: PJ Media » Free Market Lessons from Contraception Fight.

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