ObamaCare’s lower-price “bronze” plans: bells & whistles w/o catastrophic coverage

In the Wall Street Journal, James Taranto rebuts the Associated Press’s claim that

In fact, the law provides for a cheaper “bronze” plan that is broadly similar to today’s so-called catastrophic coverage policies for individuals, several insurance experts said.

Taranto writes:

 The AP is confusing a difference of degree (coverage at 60% vs. 80% or 90%) with a difference of kind (coverage of catastrophic vs. inessential services). Bronze-plan buyers would still have to purchase coverage for all the services the chief justice mentioned, it’s just that the policy is cheaper because the benefits are less.

The bronze catastrophic benefits are less, too, so that the ObamaCare policy would be a lousy deal for someone who needs catastrophic coverage but not all the mandatory bells and whistles.

Read his whole article, via Randy Barnett, via FIRM.


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