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Jared Polis, you’re wrong: Obamacare is a government takeover

Colorado Congressman Jared Polis (D-Boulder) claims that ObamaCare is not “a government takeover of the health care industry.” He’s wrong. The only way he could be correct is that if he acknowledged how much government controlled the industry before ObamaCare. Continue reading

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Jared Polis (D-Boulder) wrong about Constitution & mandatory health coverage

Jared Polis argues that mandatory health coverage specified by ObamaCare is a tax, and hence is Constitutional. The problem with this argument is that President Obama himself has argued that the mandate is not a tax. Continue reading

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Polis’s suport for new gov’t run health plan: bad policy, bad politics.

Paul Hsieh, M.D. explains in the Daily Camera (Boulder).  Here are the opening paragraphs: Boulder`s Congressman Jared Polis recently made national headlines when he and fellow first-term Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D-Maine) teamed up to petition the U.S. Senate to include … Continue reading

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Polis calls for Senate to add “public option” to health care bill

Polis calls for Senate to add public option to health care bill, reports the Daily Camera (Boulder).  As Paul Hsieh, MD has noted: In the Dec. 10 [2008] Wall Street Journal, Polis wrote: “Our United States Congress… now finds itself … Continue reading

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Jared Polis: what’s your real reason for pushing the “public option”?

Representative Jared Polis says the proposed government-run “public insurance option” is about trust. Some “trust an insurance company over the government and others who trust the government over insurance companies.”  If so, then why doesn’t Polis support a similar choice … Continue reading

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No compulsory charity for Obama Care’s phony reform

The Democrats’ proposals would “reform” nothing. Instead, they would entrench problems with the status quo, as economist Arnold Kling explains in “The Non-Debate over Non-Reform.” Consider the country’s total health care spending. Patients’ out-of-pocket spending accounts for only about 10 … Continue reading

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Polis vs. Polis on health care

Dr. Paul Hsieh of Freedom and Individual Rights in Medicine had an excellent op-ed in the (Boulder) Daily Camera yesterday.  He calls out Colorado Congressman-elect Jared Polis‘s inconsistent view on the role of government and markets, and eloquently shows why … Continue reading

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How many uninsured?

It’s become a mantra that there are “47 million uninsured” Americans, a figure people use to back compulsory “universal” health insurance of some kind.   Google found about fifty pages with the phrase on the Denver Post website alone.  Democrat Jared Polis … Continue reading

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“Universal” Health Care Kills

What good is having medical insurance if you cannot get medical care? Peddlers of “universal health care” — from Hillary, Obama, to Colorado congressional candidate Jared Polis — don’t get this. “Universal health care” is false advertising for politically-controlled medicine, … Continue reading

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